A series of flat-pack racks thanks for its own character of the springy material (recycled-PET).


A very flat-packable rack series with thin material. A simple assembly system is realized with springy sheet material.
The frame of two cut-out sheets fixed with bolts & nuts and shelf lock firmly into each other by means of compression from the forced bent shelf. Therefore, the structure gets amazingly rigid and the shelf itself is quite strong against load in spite of its thickness. The bent shelf is not only aesthetically unique but also functional to hold thin magazines neatly
There are three different sizes; the biggest one as a magazine rack in 3.0mm sheet, two sizes of the CD rack in 1.5mm, short one for 10 CDs and long one for 20 CDs.

Flower vases as a family of PET series. The geometrical shape of the frame owed to the springy PET sheet as well as Bridge.
There are four types of vase with different sizes of flask. Each flask is caged at the center of the frame that consists of identical cut-outs of 1.0 mm sheet fixed with bolts & nuts. It is a unique modern vase made of combination of three different materials; PET, glass and metal.
The flask is not fixed straight. Its head is movable so that you can arrange the angle of the flower.

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