PLY series
A series of minimal design products in Finland birch plywood.


This product is very Japanese Item. It is for the people who have habit to take off their shoe home. Each household Usually has 4~6 pairs of house slipper for their guests in Japan .
Accordingly a slipper rack is quite demanded item in the house in Japan . On the contrary, there are few variations in the market so that it is hard to find unique and cool slipper rack.
This was the reason to design something unique slipper rack as FOCA. It was functionally considered to be space saver item either in use or in no use and to be transportable. As a result, it was realized as a flat sheet in unique iconic shape. It is a single piece only cut out of 15mm sheet of Finland birch plywood with rubber stoppers on the top and the bottom. It is used leant against the wall.

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