A pop storage and carrying box.


The problem is that an easy carrying case is hardly found in the market when you want to carry something fragile in a relatively big volume, such as design mock-ups or product samples. Usually you would compromise to put the stuff into a big paper bag. But itŐs not safe enough. A corrugated box may be protective but itŐs inconvenient to carry.
The brief of the project was not to design a proper hard case but an easy and convenient carrying case.
A plastic air-bubble board called Plapearl is spotted as material. The material is tough and very light. The one laminated nonwoven on the surface was aesthetically interesting, which is commonly used for car interior material. As a result, three sizes of box, based on simple cake box, were created.
There are three sizes; the small one for CD, the medium one for A4 document and the big one for A3 portfolio. They are suitable as a storage box as well as a carrying box. The ear shape parts give a unique and cute feature to the product.

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