A megalomaniac seriously believes to make the world happier with design.

Real beauty gives you absolutely positive emotion. It isnŐt special event at all. You can find beauty easily in your ordinal surroundings if you open your eyes and observe it consciously. You could be touched watching the sunrise or the sunset. We know the pleasure to appreciate them. Even if you cannot explain why, you can feel and enjoy it. However, in the very busy life in the modern society, itŐs sad that we have tended to remove our attention from it into the subliminal level. You can simply feed yourself three times a day. It could be sufficient biologically. Besides who could resist caresses of the taste of a fine meal with wonderful wine?

The relation between you and products surrounding you would be similar to you and food. Your favorite clothes must influence on your mood of the day. Therefore, it would be possible to find more pleasure on a household product depending on your perception. On the other hand, these days the progress of technology and industry is so remarkable that we live in the flood of mass production. In this situation itŐs difficult to recognize uniqueness in those mass products and appreciate their expression.

FOCA is the project to propose unique, humour and sophisticated products into your daily life in order to evoke your positive emotion to make your life happier, or at least to suggest a hint for it. FOCA is the brand to enjoy design, material, product and interior. This is the Fukuei Orientating Creative Activity.

April 2003


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